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Light Bulb

Hello fellow wanderers!


My name is Abbey. ​I have created this website to unpack contemporary issues affecting professionals in the education space; some of these issues extend beyond education but impact us as people. I invite you to contribute and share your ideas with me and other like-minded community members who recognise that change is upon us. I hope to strengthen our pedagogical practices through community engagement, collaboration and critical reflection. 

I am a Pre-Service teacher on a path to grow, learn and discover new innovative ways to enhance our sector. I aim to design digital applications that will change how we deliver our programs and enhance learning environments. Many of my designs are in the infancy stage of development.

​We must unite as professionals and get comfortable with discomfort. Only then can we grow, learn, discover and conquer our fears. My wonderful mentor calls this process acknowledging your sediment. Know what makes you feel discomfort, then enact upon it professionally. ​I welcome you to grow, learn, and discover endless possibilities in the hope of discovering solutions to the many complexities upon us in the twenty-first century.


We have power in numbers. Let's change education forever. It's time to discuss our sediments and design a new way forward. Children of tomorrow need us to advocate and revolutionise education.​

Come and be a part of the revolution.




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